Getting Started

Getting Started on a new Planet

Getting started in The Moon 1.9 is not easy.

There are many mobs you need to be aware of, and many features to take advantage of.

[0: Compatibility] The Moon 1.9 is not multiplayer compatible. The mechanics only work in singleplayer.

[1: Start] At the beginning of the map, the player is in a lobby. Here he can view the trailer, spectate the technic and view the creators. To get on the moon, enter the rocket. You can find your starter equipment in the chests. If you want to leave the rocket, dont forget to put on your spacesuit. You don't lose your starter equipment if you die on the moon.

[2: First Steps] First, the player should explore the rocket. There he can find the following machines:

Futuristic Furnace: This furnace doesn't require energy to melt ores. Can be speeded up with Xuminium Crystals.

(You are not supposed to put any Xuminium Crystals in the furnace, if the battery is recharging)

Jukebox: Can be used to play music discs. Each music disc gives a different boost to the player.

Crafting & Exploring

'[3: Futuristic Crafting Table] 'The Futuristic Crafting Table (FCT) can be crafted as follows: The Player needs one titanium ingot and one alien shard. Throw these ingredients on the ground to summon one FCT.

The FCT can be used as follows: Rightclick the FCT. Place the Items you need for crafting in the correct position.

Close the Menu. Rightclick the FCT on the top opening. Open the Menu again. Remove the Item.

(Do not spam the mechanism to confirm the crafting receipe. If you have issues with the FCT follow these instructions:

Only click it more often, if the FCT isn't working correctly. You could also try to replace it, if it doesn't work for you!)

(You will also get your Items back if you destroy it)

!A list of all crafting recipes can be found here or in the world save folder!

(AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\The Moon 1.9\Crafting Receipes)

[4: Aliens] Aliens can be spawned by worm holes & through spawners, spawners, which you can find in dungeons.

There are 20 different Alien types.

[5: Dungeons] There are 10 different dungeons, the player can explore. Every dungeon is constituted of deadly traps, but also contains epic treasure.

[6: Traders] Traders can be found in space villages. Some of them are selling special items, that cannot be crafted. The most common payment method is with Trasium.

[7 : Caves, Mine Systems & Drills] There are also numerous caves and some mines, where are especially many ores exist. Ores can also be found on the moon surface.

Items & Tools

[8: Board Assistant] The Board Assistant is one of the most important tools that can be crafted. There is a 9/10 chance, that it prevents the player from losing his items. It also shows entities through walls.

[9: Flags] Flags can be used to send flares, to find places again.

Controls: Hold shift (r=1) = rotate flag |

look straight up + jump (r=1) = toggle beam | look straight down + jump (r=1) = destroy flag.

[10: Grenades] Grenades can be crafted in the FCT. There are three different Grenades.

Grenades must go far enough from the place where they were thrown to ignite.

[11: Meteor Sword & Chest Plate] The Meteor Sword can be crafted in the FCT.

1/10 chance per hit that a Meteor is summoned that throws an opponent into the air.

The Meteor Chestplate can be obtained by traders. Shift + Spacebar = Super jump

The super jump takes the player into the air.

Now you can choose where you want to go, and control with your mouse. After a time in the air, flames arise and the player turns into a meteor. This adds damage to opponents. The player receives thereby no harm.

[12: Moon Cape] The Moon Cape is an exclusive item that is available from traders. If the players has it in his offhand slot, it will grant him another health bar.

[13: Experience Sword] Also a non- craftable item is the Experience Sword, which is only available from traders. It triples the experience gained by the player when holding it.

[14: Super Fertilizer] The Super fertilizer can be crafted in the FCT. It accelerates the random tickspeed gamerule ten times for five seconds. Very convenient for agriculture.

[15: Shield Potion] Once a player is drinking the potion, an energy sphere appears around the player for twenty seconds. This sphere throws everything away in its vicinity.

[17: Plasma Sword] As an Easteregg for Star Wars Episode VII, there is also a Plasma Sword which is very strong and makes the player faster. Available also from traders

[18: UFO] The UFO can be crafted with one uranium block and rare UFO parts. The player can fly using the UFO! First, the item is dropped on the ground, then the UFO appears and then the player right clicks the dark circle on the floor. The UFO can be controlled with the mouse. With shift, the player can descend.

[19: Uranium Sword] The Uranium Sword can be crafted in the FCT. It deals a lot of damage, but the player should pay attention to not select it too long. Otherwise, the player receives a strong poison effect .

[20: Alien Sword] The Uranium Sword can be crafted in the FCT. It is an unbreakable weapon.

[21: Alien Claw, Energy Sword, Spear, War Axe] These items can only be found in dungeons .

Some of them have new enchantments that the player has to explore by himself.

[22: Sqored] Sqored is a follower, which is available from a trader. If the player has it in his offhand slot, Sqored appear. He has his own inventory (right click on Sqored), he follows & defends the player. He gives the player the feeling that he is not alone on the dreary Moon.

[23: Logbook] There is a Logbook which can be found at a secret location. In this Logbook, the player can activate cheats . Cheats: /wave = start a new alien wave | /special = summons a chest with all epic items | gravity = deactivates the gravity mechanics... | /god = toggles the god modus | /strength = toggles the one-hit modus | /dungeons = unlocks all bonus dungeons | /day = day on the moon | /peaceful = no more aliens

[24: Bonus Dungeons] Once the player has defeated the Alien Lord (Boss), A netherstar will spawn with which the player can unlock three bonus dungeons . This costs levels (experience points) . In bonus dungeons the player is guaranteed to get at least one epic item.

[25: Titanium & Endurium Sword] Also, two very useful swords which can be crafted in the FCT. The Titanium Sword can also be used as a shovel, and the Endurium Sword is very effective.

[26: Matter Manipulator] To summon a Matter Manipulator (MM), the player needs one block of Titanium & one Alien shard. Throw these ingredients on the ground to summon one MM. The MM can be used to obtain new blocks. In order to craft a new block, add one Pecrium Dust to the middle of the menu.

[27 : Energy Field] Can be summoned by using : 1 glass block , 1 block of Trasium & 1 Uranium block. Throw these ingredients on the ground to summon one Energy Field. The energy field has the following functions:

Players can survive under it without Suit. | Villages, Farms... can be created | No Aliens will spawn when the player is in the Energy Field | Can be destroyed and the player gets his items back.

[28: Lutea & Erox (agriculture)] Agriculture can be operated at an Energy Field or in an Alien Village. Lutea seeds can be obtained by degrading Moon Gravel or through dungeons. Erox can be obtained through dungeons & villages.

[29: Uranium Rods] Uranium Rods can be crafted in the FCT. They can be used for crafting and as a trap for aliens. In order to lay a trap properly, drop the the rod to the desired position, and after some time the rod rooted to the bottom. The rod is then no longer pickupable. The rod will activate itself if it detects an alien in a radius of three blocks. All aliens in a radius of three blocks will receive a strong poison damage first and blow up after a few seconds. The player is not wounded.

[30: Plasma Gun] The plasma gun can be crafted in the FCT . The player needs Plasma Cells to use it. The Plasma Gun can fire plasma beams. Plasma Cells can be obtained by Aliens or can be found in dungeons.

[31: Space Suits] You can craft various Space Suits, but you have to wear a full suit of the same type to receive no damage!

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