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The Moon 1.9 Download

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Start the Minecraft Launcher.

Step 2: Click on Edit Profile.

Step 3: Tick the box Enable experimental development versions ("snapshots").

Step 4: Click on the field next to Use Version.

Step 5: Select the snapshot 15w51b

Step 6: Click on Save Profile

Step 7: Select the tab Profile Editor

Step 8: Click the right mouse button on the snapshot 15w51b and then select the menu item Open Game Folder. This will open the folder .minecraft (The Game Folder).

Step 9: Open the subfolder saves Then you have the place where The Moon needs to be saved.

Step 10: Move the downloaded file, which contains the world to the save folder. It is a * .zip file. Extract the file using an unzip utility (there are as freeware on the Internet) in the Saves folder.

Step 11: Start Minecraft via the Launcher. Check if your Render Distance setting is on 16. In the selection list under "single player" now the new world appears. If it does not appear there, check again step 1 to 10. If you have done everything correctly, it must appear in the list. Otherwise, it's not playable Minecraft World. ==